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Original Cast

Original Cast, one of Vanderbilt's oldest performing arts organizations, is the only musical theatre revue troupe on campus.  An entirely student-run organization since 1975, the group produces unique and moving theatrical experiences that pull from a wide variety of musicals.  The group also maintains relatively smaller cast sizes in order to ensure that each cast member has a featured role and that the cast stays very close-knit, providing a home away from home for its members.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about Original Cast, visit their Facebook page.

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Tongue 'n' Cheek

Tongue 'n' Cheek (TNC) is Vanderbilt's improv comedy troupe!  We put on free shows for the Vanderbilt community which feature shortform improv, longform improv, and sketch comedy.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about TNC, visit their Facebook page.

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Vanderbilt Off-Broadway

Vanderbilt Off-Broadway (VOB) is Vanderbilt University’s only completely student-run musical theatre organization that produces full-length musicals.  Since our founding in 1998, VOB has produced 27 different musical productions.  Everything from the cast, crew, directing teams, and musicians are completely organized and produced by students.  For our Mainstage production, we hold auditions in September, and for our Second Show production, we hold shows shortly after the Mainstage production (typically in February).  Our organization consists of an Executive Board and Artistic Committees which produce each of our productions.  Anyone is welcome to become a member of Vanderbilt Off-Broadway whether you are a lifelong veteran of the stage or a newcomer to musical theatre, or if you are interested in behind the scenes or orchestra, there are ideal positions for you!  Come out and join our VOB family!

To see  a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about VOB, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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Vanderbilt Theater Lab

Vanderbilt Theater Lab (VTL) occupies a unique niche in the Vanderbilt performing arts community and on the campus at large.  We use an egalitarian, collaborative creative process, which we believe will produce quality productions with a high degree of group member work satisfaction and a deep sense of personal ownership and emotional investment in the final product.  We attempt to accomplish this goal by fundamentally restructuring the traditional theater hierarchy and by reformatting our rehearsal process to be more conducive to such a collaborative effort.  We are surrounded by talented, intelligent students from a variety of backgrounds, and we believe that the sum of their artistic ideas, when combined and refined, will produce more engaging, meaningful art.  Additionally, we seek to approach shows from new angles, and pursue unexpected collaborative opportunities with the Vanderbilt community.  With a unique creative process, Vanderbilt Theater Lab strives to be atypical, collaborative, engaging, and a rewarding experience for all involved.

To learn more about VTL, visit their Facebook page.

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Vanderbilt University Theatre

Vanderbilt University Theatre (VUT) is both a student organization and the producing division of the Vanderbilt University Department of Theatre.  Our season consists of three to four main-stage productions per year that are directed and designed by our professional faculty with student actors and crews, in addition to several studio productions that are entirely student-run.  VUT productions are staged in Neely Auditorium next to Alumni Lawn.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about VUT, visit their Facebook page.