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Nach Vandy: Bollywood Stress Buster
3:00 PM15:00

Nach Vandy: Bollywood Stress Buster

  • Recreation and Wellness Center, Studio 3 (map)
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The event is intended to be a workshop on basic Bollywood dance routines with an emphasis on physical fitness, especially as a way to relieve stress near the end of fall semester, all in an environment promoting cultural exchange. We envision it to be primarily a dance lesson of a lot of neat Bollywood dance styles, and we mean to encourage people to be active through dance. Our intention is for this to be a way to keep people's minds off tensions from exams and midterms for a couple hours with a workout that hopefully is different from what people typically do because it exposes them to some cool new things. The event will promote not only the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, but also introduce people to a different and fun cultural perspective.


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