Harmonic Notion

Harmonic Notion is Vanderbilt's only ICCA-competing, co-ed a cappella group.  Formed in January 2013, it is the newest group on campus, but has quickly risen to great heights.  We have advanced to ICCA Quarterfinals in all three years of existence and showcase our music at concerts and campus events throughout each semester.  We strive to perform a cappella music at a high level for the Vanderbilt audience and throughout the greater musical community with a high quality sound and stellar showmanship.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about Harmonic Notion, visit their Facebook page.

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Jugal Vandy

Jugal Vandy (Jugal) is a pun on the Hindi word jugalbandi 'the mixing of different styles of music.'  The group was originally established in 2009 to spread awareness of Indian Fusion music on Vanderbilt University campus and in Nashville, Tennessee.  But since then, the group has explored all kinds of music including R&B, African drumming, Flamenco, and other styles.  The group consists of a core set of members who are joined by other talented artists to produce music that reflects a new mix of seemingly disparate styles.  We are open to new members, new ideas, and new cultures.

To learn more about Jugal Vandy, visit their Facebook page.



Melanated is a majority minority a cappella group whose main goal is to give minority students a place to use their voice in a way that is fun, energetic and unique. Founded in January 2017, Melanated strives to build a more diverse and inclusive community through music. We sing any and every style of song and tend to use a cappella in ways never seen before.

To learn more about Melanated, visit their Facebook page.

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The Melodores exist to provide for its members a community of musicality and brotherly fellowship; to provide for the Vanderbilt community rousing musical performances; and to afford to the greater community service and enjoyment.

To learn more about the Melodores, visit their Facebook page or their website.

Swingin' 'Dores

The Swingin' 'Dores are Vanderbilt's premier female a cappella group, composed of 10-15 students who enter by audition.  We arrange and perform songs from a wide range of genres, including pop, country, hip-hop, and oldies.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about the Swingin' 'Dores, visit their Facebook page.

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University Concert Band

The primary purpose of the University Concert Band (UCB) is to provide an all-inclusive venue for non-major musicians to practice their talents and skills, foster creativity, and cultivate a sense of community within and beyond the Vanderbilt campus through music.  The secondary purpose of the UCB is to provide a music laboratory for Music Education majors (MA5) to practice teaching and gain experience in running and organizing a music program.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about UCB, visit their Facebook page.

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Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra

We are Vanderbilt's orchestra for non-Blair majors and minors.  The purpose of the Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra (VCO) is to provide inclusive, enjoyable, educational, and culturally enriching performance opportunities for all members of the Vanderbilt University community while creating amazing experiences for our community. 

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about VCO, visit their website or their Facebook page.


Vanderbilt Dodecaphonics

The Vanderbilt Dodecaphonics (Dodecs) are Vanderbilt’s original all-male a cappella group.  We love to have a great time singing while including the audience in the fun.  We sing songs from almost every genre, ranging from Will Smith rap medleys to Seal ballads.  We are looking for some new cool guys to come out!

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about the Dodecs, visit their Facebook page.

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Vanderbilt University Concert Choir

Vanderbilt University Concert Choir (VUCC) is the oldest performing arts group on campus, and the keeper of the alma mater.  We have a close, family-like atmosphere, with membership of undergraduate students of all majors who like to sing.  We perform three concerts per year, and sing everything from Moses Hogan, to Handel, to Eric Whitacre, plus the occasional showtune.  Every spring break we go on tour to sing to high schoolers, church congregations, and alumni.  We are a student-led organization with a faculty director from the Blair School of Music. Come be a part of VUCC!

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about VUCC, visit their Facebook page.

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Vanderbilt Variations

Founded in 1997, the Vanderbilt Variations (Variations) are Vanderbilt's premier co-ed a cappella group!  We usually have 12-15 undergraduate students and have a wide repertoire ranging from Beyoncé to Ed Sheeran to Macklemore.  We hold concerts at the end of each semester, in addition to performing at various campus events throughout the year.  We audition new members at the beginning of each semester.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about the Variations, visit their Facebook page.

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Vandy Taal

Vandy Taal is a music group that produces a capella music that combines South Asian music with music of Western influence.  It was formed in 2001 at Vandy and has a long history of performance and competition at the national level.  They perform at various events around the Vanderbilt campus in order to entertain audiences with a blend of Asian and American musical culture.

To learn more about Vandy Taal, visit their Facebook page.

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Voce A Cappella

Voce A Cappella (Voce) is Vanderbilt’s newest all-female a cappella group. We pride ourselves in our diverse repertoire and our original arrangements – we sing everything from Beyoncé to Carrie Underwood to Queen, and our collaborative creative process allows everyone’s voice to be heard. Voce is also a place where we have found friendship and support – we are a small, close-knit ensemble of women and we deeply value this aspect of the group. Because we are one of the newer groups on campus, we are having a great time introducing ourselves to the Vanderbilt community. We often appear as guest performers at campus events and we also host our own concert each semester to showcase all of our hard work!

To learn more about Voce, visit their Facebook page.

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Voices of Praise

Voices of Praise is a gospel ministry comprised of 5 separate ministries: Choir, Dance, Mime, Chosen Step, and Spoken Word.  Voices of Praise was founded in 1992 when God gave three young women, Kimberly Parmer, LaTrice McBee, and Stephanie Grier the amazing vision of this ministry, which has grown and continues to grow with the Lord's blessing.  We welcome you to fellowship and worship with us in song, dance, step, mime, and spoken word.

To see a list of their upcoming performances, check here.  To learn more about Voices of Praise, visit their Facebook page.